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Tease & Please

At Tease & Please, we understand that adult relationships can also fall into a routine. That’s why we’ve created a line of games specifically designed to bring excitement and experimentation into the bedroom. Whether you’re playing with a partner or multiple partners, our games are sure to help create unforgettable memories and bring a new level of intimacy to your relationships. Break out of the mold and try something new with Tease & Please.

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Discover your lover

An erotic game for two. In case you haven’t played it yet…… accept the challenge and give your sexual relation a playful boost.

Truth or Dare

After the rousing success of Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition, the well-known game for groups of friends, Tease & Please has now created an intimate version for couples.

Valentine Advent calender

With the Love Celebration Calendar you will give a spontaneous and romantic boost to your love life. Who knows, ordinary days can turn into something very festive!

Sex Roulette

 Reignite the sensual excitement in your love life with just one swing of the board’s arrow. The arrow points at a number that decides the intimate erotic challenge in store for you.

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